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Invoice Value for GSTR1 to include TCS ?

Posted by: sethvinaykr on 10/11/2020 3:42 PM

Dear Sir,

Post introduction of TCS on Sales Invoices there are mixed views about Total Invoice Value to be declared for GSTR1 return. As per the difference in Direct and Indirect Taxation, I am of the view that the total Invoice Value should comprise of Basic amount of Sales + GST only. However, many of are the view that the total Invoice Value must include TCS amount also. As TCS is a Direct Tax, it cannot be included to the Invoice value to be declared in GSTR1.

Kindly advise.


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Added by TaxField

In this regard, your kind attention is invited towards Circular No. 17/2020 dated 29.09.2020 issued by the CBDT, wherein at para 4.6 it has been clarified that –

“no adjustment on account of sale return or discount or indirect taxes including GST is required to be made for collection of tax under sub-section (IH) of section 206C of the Act since the collection is made with reference to receipt of amount of sale consideration”.

In view of the above clarification of CBDT, the amount of TCS is not to be included while determining Total Invoice Value in GSTR-1 and you are rightly computing GST on Taxable Value for GSTR-1.
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